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Datasheets of Semiconductors & Electronic Parts

  • LM339MWC
    Low Power Low Offset Voltage Quad Comparator
  • LS22BB-1D/G-T
    Surface mountable illuminated switch. Two-color lighting type. Operating force 1.18N. Lighting color orange/green. Taping.
  • 269-A-280-14XX-C
    Pump laser module with fiber grating. Available with fiber grating for wavelength stability (1420 nm - 1510 nm). Operatig power 280 mW. Nonisolated,SMF. Connector FC/APC.
  • EN27LV010120P
    1Megabit low voltage EPROM (128K x 8). Speed 120ns. 3.0V to 3.6V Vcc tolerance.
  • HCS410T-/P
    Keeloq code hopping encoder and transponder
  • XR72-2.7R
    Planar zener diode. Zener voltage Vz = 2.54-2.75 V. Zener current Iz = 5 mA. Power dissipation Pt = 500 mW.
  • R1122N151A-TR
    Low noise 150mA LDO regulator IC. Output voltage 1.5V. Active L type. Standard taping type TR.
  • NKA0303D
    Isolated sub-miniature 1W dual output DC/DC converter. Nom.input voltage 3.3V, output voltage 3.3V, output current + -163mA.
  • WS128K32N-25G4TIA
    25ns; 5V power supply; 128K x 32 SRAM module, SMD 5962-93187 & 5962-95595
  • BAW756DW
    100V; 300mA quad surface mount swithcing diode array. For general purpose switching applications
  • TC55RP3701EMB
    Low dropout positive voltage rgulator. Output voltage 3.7V. Tolerance +-1%.
  • PSD68/12
    1200 V three phase rectifier bridge
  • M38180E4-FP
    Single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer, 16384 PROM, 192RAM
  • WPN30R48S03-1
    30W single output half brick DC/DC converter. Nom.input voltage 48Vdc, rated output voltage 3.3Vdc. Output current(nom. load) 9.0A.
  • M38045MA-XXSP
    RAM size 768bytes single chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • FL5-100400
    OutputV5Vdc; inputV85-264V; 15A; 100W; EN compliant autoranging switcher

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